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Re: Is The Science Channel after our hearts?

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The thing is, the shows The Science Channel is picking -- Firefly and Fringe -- rate very, very low on the scientific-plausibility scale. Firefly didn't even figure out until the movie whether it was set in a single star system or a whole galaxy. And the only way to do a "Science of Fringe" feature like they're reportedly going to would be to explain how horribly wrong and nonsensical all the "science" in Fringe actually is.

Granted, there aren't many SFTV shows out there that have anything remotely resembling competent science, but there have been a few. Most of ST:TNG had relatively good science compared to later Trek shows.
I doubt they will attempt to explain how some of the more outlandish Fringe technobabble or "framistats" are "real science". What they will more than likely deal with are the broader concepts presented on the show, like alternate universes and the like -- concepts that do have some basis in real science, or at least real theoretical science.

I would also think that the "science" of ST TNG is no closer to real science than what is seen in Fringe. In fact, of the two, I think Fringe has gotten closer to real science.
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