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Re: Why can't Latinum be replicated?

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One of the problems with that is robots are almost unknown in the 24th century federation, the ones we do see are oddities. Even mining robots, which would seem a natural use for them, are seen only once and regarded by the Enterprise crew as unusual.
We do know that Federation ships per early TNG have self-repair and self-cleaning systems
(this alone implies pretty large implementation of automation as is).

Automation as its used today for example with robots in the real world wouldn't necessarily apply to the Federation as most of these processes could be done by similar, yet different types of automated technological processes.
For mining, just automate remote computer controlled systems with phaser drills, transporters, and replicators to process the ore.
There are tons of applications from the technology we have in the real world the writers could have used and mixed it with Federation technology.

As for what we saw in Voyager 'Author, Author' in the end with holograms working in a dilithium mining facility...
What we saw was writers being utterly stupid (as usual) completely ignoring what could have been done in the real world using available technology today to automate things (if we decided to do it instead of letting 'money' dictating everything), let alone the Federation with its technology and computers where its actually SENSIBLE to implement vast quantities of automation wherever possible in order to allow people to pursue their own interests in life.
I mean, Robotics are the technology from 1958. I can imagine Trek humans implementing vastly more advanced means of robotics in the 50 years following First Contact... but in the 24th century....

I'm thinking many people are stuck with a perception: 'you need people to do the work' instead of 'machines doing most of the 'dirty work'' - that's why the writers 'de-evolved' the show into 'current conditions set in SPACE' as time went on (they simply got extremely lazy).
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