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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

This is a strange detail to focus on, but one of the things I find fascinating about Honor Among Thieves is that Farius Prime is in fact a planet that's been mentioned before. You see, I always assumed Farius Prime was called such because, in everything from who we meet there to how it's visually presented, it's the setting's "wretched hive". It's a nefarious place, and "farius prime" is therefore a cute name. But apparently the debut of the name Farius Prime was in season 2, when a random freighter was said to be leaving random planet 1 for random planet 2, and random planet 2 happened to be named...Farius Prime. I'm assuming that the decision to use this planet as the setting of Honor Among Thieves is still entirely due to the name being cute, but I'm impressed that - rather than invent a planet - they remembered a random unimportant world from a much earlier script that had an "appropriate" sounding name...
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