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Re: Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph" trailer

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Some people had negative feelings on Silverman's performance, but I think she did a good job personally.
Not a negative opinion or anything like that, but a certain "raspy" qaulity in Vannilape's voice when stressed made me mistakenly assume Cree Summer voiced the character.

My second cousin, her husband, their two kids and I finally saw it yesterday, briefly reviving a "family tradition" of catching a matinee after the Thanksgiving gorge fest. I, personally, hadn't been to the movies since either Abrams' Trek or Avatar, whichever was released later.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It had a lot of heart. And the "preamble" to the Fix-it Felix game (and thus the movie itself) clearly establishes Ralph as a "wronged" character so we immediately have empathy with him. Plus, its "in universe" physical (cyberspatial?) laws seem to pass the "fridge logic" test. At least, I haven't found myself going, "Hey, wait a minute! That bit doesn't make sense!"

Sgt. Calhoun...What I say that won't be considered a "spoiler"? Okay, here's two. Ironically, in past Disney productions, Calhoun's "sharp" features would normally have been applied to the "beautiful" villainess. And, somewhere, one of Shirow's "Intron Depot" fems is shivering in just her undies because Calhoun has "borrowed" her armor!


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