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Re: Star Trek Author's black list?

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Put it this way -- if the byline was really that important, Dragon Precinct would have sold as well as my Trek novels. It didn't. Dave's The Calling should've sold in the same numbers as his Vanguard novels. It didn't.

If you guys like my writing -- or David's writing or Greg's writing or Christopher's writing or Dave's writing -- then prove it by supporting our original stuff. (You can order my work directly from my web site.)
If the by line DIDN"T matter pocket wouldn't have reprinted Nightshade as a gimmic because of the popularity of Hamilton
But that's an unusual exception. When Laurell K. Hamilton originally wrote Nightshade, she wasn't hired because her name would sell more copies. It was only after she had become more popular (and there was a hole in the schedule that needed to be filled) that the decision was made to try and benefit from her name on the byline.

Michael Moorcock's having recently written a Doctor Who novel would probably be another exception.
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