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Games canceled through December 14 and the All-Star weekend has been scrapped. Talk of the NHLPA de-certifying and going after the NHL's antitrust exemption in the courts is starting to heat up.
From what I have been reading here with the way these "negotiations" have been going and in light of the history here, I find it really hard to believe the NHLPA is just now "floating rumors" about doing this. The NFL players wasted no time getting to this action because they knew what a--holes they were dealing with. The NBA players, who have probably the most leverage of any of the professional team sports, even decided on this action in less time.

Unless I'm missing something, the NHL players union, who have never appeared to have much bargaining power, should have de-certified and begun anti-trust lawsuits weeks ago. At this point, the union may have waited so long that player support of the union may be in jeapardy. What is with their leadership?
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