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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

I would love to see a full-out CGI remake of TAS. Re-do everything from the ground up - but keep the voice tracks. They can do that. There's no reason any of the voices would need to be replaced, would there be?

TAS had some good stories, but its actual animation was decidedly subpar. And yes, I'm aware that there are reasons for some of its idiosyncracies (Hal Sutherland's colorblindness, which would explain why the Klingons wore pink uniforms and some of the crew's Starfleet uniforms would randomly change color), but there were other things that just looked stupid, such as the Enterprise flying sideways during the credits.

In any case, as has been pointed out, TAS was done on film so it can be released on Blu-Ray right now if they want. I wouldn't be opposed to doing that. And at the same time a new CGI version of the show can exist right along with it. Perhaps even put both versions on the same volume and allow the viewer to choose. Remaking TAS wouldn't destroy the original, any more than nuBSG would have done with the original BSG.
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