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Re: Any old timers still around?

Rhubarbodendron wrote: View Post

Ahem, there are only 11 months between August 2001 and July 2002, brother
So I can't do simple math in my head, I was till here first.

Btw, seeing your signature quotes - Holdfast is another oldtimer I haven't seen in this thread yet.
He's still around, just not as much.

Niorah wrote: View Post
the 4th hanson bro wrote: View Post

I've got 13 months on you, noob.

But any fellow goat is all right in my book. Good to see you around.
Then you are an old, old, old timer!

Good to see you too, bro. Hope all is well with your lovely family.
All is good, they keep getting bigger.
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