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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

The footage can be ruled out as the culprit. Looks fine in the CBS-D shot.

It does raise that question again, why spend time and money recreating a shot that has already been re-composited by CBS D?
Probably so they wouldn't have to go to the bother of matching the quality and style of Season 1. Everything is blurred and overblown in the HTV shots. HTV has been faithful to the original tapes to a fault, while CBS-D managed to update and modernize the old footage with a surprisingly light hand. I think the original guys on the team wanted to show these 'new kids' up and show them how it's done, but for my money CBS-D showed THEM how it's done. They've taken old footage that could be dodgy (and in HTV's hands continues to be), and made it look like it was made on a much higher budget.

Why HTV chose not to put the original footage in the best light possible is beyond me. I'm not talking about Lucasfilm revisions here, but simply making things clean and crisp rather than simply looking like clearer versions of the old SD broadcast.

I mean, really, tone down the glow so we can see some bloody detail...and stop blurring things to hell HTV.

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