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Re: is "Into Darkness" Quinto's last as Spock?

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Either way, if S/U are staying together, I'd prefer that the actors at least seem optimistic that people might like these films, instead of the subtle hints and clues that the film is bad and making it was an unpleasant process.
Everything I've read has been so subtle as to be invisible to my eyes. Have I missed anything real?
Fans often try to read too much into this stuff, especially where top-secret, high-profile, genre flicks are concerned.

"I saw so-and-so at a Starbucks yesterday and she had on green eye shadow. Ohmigod, she's playing an Orion!"

Within hours, the "news" that So-and-So is playing an Orion slave girl is all over the internet and will be treated as an article of faith for the next six months, and even listed on IMDB--until the next silly rumor comes around.
The problem is, some of this "stuff" isn't that hard to read into. It's processing direct quotes. Everyone does that differently, and some don't do that at all, but most people do. When an actor says things like "... I don't feel particularly attached to what the outcome of that project will be," even if he starts out saying that he's "fulfilled," it just sounds a little lackluster. This is not seeing Zachary with a green bloodstain in a leaked behind-the-scenes set picture and then assuming something about it. It's a direct quote.

One, two, three of these, and it's easy to brush off as the actor being misunderstood. When it starts to become more of a regular occurrence, aka people getting the "wrong impression," then that's where I do think maybe something's up.

Part of it is the character he plays. Just about everybody loves Spock or knows Spock in some kind of way. Even non-Trek fans can associate Star Trek in general with things like Spock (aka "dude with the ears"), LLAP, the Vulcan hand sign, etc. Not to mention that Leonard Nimoy's Spock is probably the most iconic character in the history of the Star Trek franchise. I don't think that was the plan, but there you go. So, the torch that got passed to Zach is probably the biggest one. So, it's not a surprise that every time he says something about the character people are paying attention. And people will respond, one way or another, when it sounds like perhaps he's not happy playing the character anymore, especially when he did such a great job the first time.

Meanwhile, Chris Pine keeps raving about how great Cumberbatch is and whatever, but apparently we're supposed to ignore that and read between the lines for bad news instead . . . .
I didn't read anything bad in between the lines of that interview. It was just funny. The interview was probably funny for all of the wrong reasons, yes, but funny it was. And I'm not talking about the "Cumberbatch's instrument" part, which was mildly amusing. I like Chris, and I'm glad that he clarified in a more recent interview that JJ and co. aren't having any fun with the secrecy.

I would love it if Zachary really did have a nice time making the film and really does want to come back for the third one (contractually obligated or not) that he say that clearly and with no additional statements attached that seem to take back some of the enthusiasm. I know that he wants to do more with his production company and more behind the camera stuff, and I really hope that he gets what he wants with his career, whatever that is.

'Cause predicting that upcoming movies are going to suck, often on the basis of little or no information, is apparently what the internet was invented for!
I don't think anyone in this thread has made that prediction, and I think you are overreacting. Consequently, though, I do think that some hard-core Trek fans, not necessarily you, could here one of the main actors say flat-out "This movie is bad. Do not watch it," and they'd be like "That's subjective. "Bad" might not really mean what you think it means, and s/he's just putting his expertise in reverse psychology to good use by telling people not to see it. Now everyone will!" Spinning works both ways.

YMMV, of course.

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I don't know what is up with Quinto but it seems like he is not just happy.Unlike Chris Pine, Quinto hardly talks about the film.
I don't have a problem with him hardly talking about the film, but my concern is the same as yours. He doesn't seem happy about/with it.

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I don't know what is up with Quinto but it seems like he is not just happy.Unlike Chris Pine, Quinto hardly talks about the film.
Maybe Quinto just isn't as skilled at talking for a half hour and saying nothing as Pine is or maybe he's busy with American Horror Story and not available
That could be the case, but then that's why I do hope they have a coach do some practicing with them for interviews so that when the heavy press/promotional stuff starts they don't end up giving people the wrong impression(s).
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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