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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Two interesting critiques:

New Yorker - Skyfall:The Bond Market

Giles Coren on sexism in Skyfall

I think the NY review is a bit dour but have some sympathy on the pre-credit sequence. The Coren piece is interesting read and comments are a riot
Coren makes a complete a** out of himself. He completely ignores or dismisses the context of both the shower scene (she invited Bond to the boat), and the "William Tell" scene (Bond was trying to not show weakness in front of Silva).

Regarding his other two major points against the film:

1) Judi Dench’s ‘M’ dies, and is replaced by a man;
Doesn't automatically make it mysogynist or anti-woman. Spies die, unfortunately. Does Coren really expect that there would never ever be another male "M"?


3) The pretty girl who manages to remain chaste despite Bond’s ‘charms’ is rewarded at the end with a job as his secretary.
Again, Coren is completely ignoring the whole subplot about her deciding she was not a good field agent and choosing a desk job.

He's also ignores her very competent showing in the casino, which makes her more than the token "pretty girl who resists Bond's charms"

Finally, Coren also apparently does not understand the significance of the "shaving" scene. Bond has monumental trust issues, both as a result of his profession AND his personal experience with Eve. That he would allow her to put a deadly blade to his throat is a demonstration that he in fact does trust her immensely, teasing remarks notwithstanding.

Coren comes off as the typical "feminist man", bending over backwards to find and decry misogyny to establish that he's "not like that".
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