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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

I gave the game a chance, now that it is F2P.

Playing a smuggler and, so far, the story is good. As is most of the gameplay that I experienced thus far.
In fact it's good enough for me that I'd consider subscribing for a while to help keep this game alive.

Due to the extremely strict F2P model, I won't pay a single dime out of sheer spite.
From some official a few months ago on the matter of character slots for subscribers who stop paying:

At Launch, we are not enforcing the penalty on subscribers who convert to Free-to-Play, but we will in a subsequent patch.


That's an interesting choice of words.
I for one do not appreciate being spoken to like a fellon just because I'm not paying for the game.
Potential customers should be welcomed with open arms, not punished on every turn for not having payed yet.

So, as I said, no money from me, even though I'd like to.
It's the only way EA might learn from this.
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