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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hi there!

I got into Deep Space Nine a little later than most, having almost exclusively ignored it for the majority of its initial run, preferring TNG and Voyager when I was younger. Having gone back and watched through the series a few years after the fact, I realized how profoundly amazing the show is. If I had to choose the best, most watchable Trek series of them all, from start to finish, with the least amount of poor episodes, DS9 takes the cake.

And I'm constantly amazed how well they were able to maintain the quality and uniformity of characterization from start to finish. Characters evolved, but they didn't act weird and unlike themselves early on, as in TNG. I was just watching "Emissary," and I'm amazed at the high level of quality so early in the series, as well as the breadth of philosophical ideas--the conversations Sisko has with the Prophets about the nature of linear time are absolutely fascinating. It deals with more interesting ideas than any of the other series premiers. DS9, if anything, is clearly the smartest of any of the shows, with the most professional writing and stellar actors of all. TNG will always be my emotional favorite, because that show made me fall in love with Trek, but DS9 is more enjoyable as a whole series.

Anyway, just reporting in. Hi.
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