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Re: CBS's "Rules of Engagement" for Star Trek Fan Films

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I further went on to say, as Nick did, that it's really none of our business. There is no clause that says CBS has to be any more fair than the rest of the world is in life. If "Renegades" can collect all that money because they have contacts at CBS other than CBS legal (as Tom stated) than good for them. They found a winning lottery ticket and, just as when we watch those people on the news get their lottery checks, all we can do is congratulate and wish them the best openly while dreaming about what WE would do if so lucky and grumbling about the $10 winner in our hand.

Face it, ANY of "us" that exist has a winning hand - cause we are able to do what we love - and the fans win too. And you know what? Sweating about anything other than that is just as silly as arguing about who owns the air...
Nicely put Patty.
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