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Re: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Book I of Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Stargate: New Frontiers

Chapter One: Break In, Break Out

The Doctor looked around at the people looking at him with a mix of confusion and awe. There was Angela Petrelli and her son Peter. He had decided to start with her.

“Angela Petrelli and Peter, I haven’t seen you since the 80’s. How are you?”

“We are fine, Doctor, we are attempting to…”

“Restore your son, Nathan back to life, yes I am aware of what is happening here. I am not pleased that it got this far,” he says giving Gabriel Gray a look that made him uncomfortable.

“Doctor, what should we do,” asks Claire.

“Ahh, Claire Bennet the Regenerating Cheerleader, I liked you better when you sold comics, actually. Now before I get distracted once more, I want you to know that what you are attempting is very dangerous. That said, here is what I can do for you. Peter, Jack, Hiro, and I will work on the issue. Claire, go back to school and learn as much as you can. Take Gretchen with you. I will drop off Zach, Alex, and West at their proper places – oh and please also learn everything you can in school, because something terrible is about to happen and we will need you all to stick together. Now, as for everything else, all will be set proper, just watch the news and make sure it’s Fox News, since the other news sources are too liberal to pick up on it.”

He looked around at the gathered people and then started walking around the room.

“From my perspective, I just lost a pair of companions, so I know that a lot is at stake here. Jack from your perspective, what is the date?”

“It’s February 12th, 2010.”

“My, my. I was so young and yet so old. I am going to give you a spoiler Jack. I am 1,280 years old. I spent a lot of the last 75 or so years just traveling, and then I get a heads up from a very important lady who says be here on this date. We need to concentrate on the here and now, Jack. One thing is certain, many bad things will happen in the next year, and you will take part in them, to be sure. I want you to know that I cannot interfere with any of it, but that I understand your situation. I will have my hands full in another part of the galaxy at that time, so forgive me now for not being able to help; I want to, but I am not able to – fixed point and all of that. Next on the list, Peter, Hiro and Jack, Alex, West and Zachary, please follow me.”

They all go outside and see the big blue box. They go inside and the usual result occurs. Then, the box disappears with a grinding sound and a whoosh of air.

Noah picks up the slack along with Angela.

“All right everyone, Doctor Rosen, and Mr. Woolsey, I take it you know what Jack wants of you?”

Lee Rosen speaks up. “Yes, I have discovered a number of Alphas in my city and will do my best to help them out. The government wants to set up a deal, but I think that Nathan Petrelli should be the actual interaction with me. The FBI wants me to work with them, as well as Homeland Security.”

“Well, I am working for DHS as well and am looking forward to a prosperous relationship, Lee. Alex is an amazing young man. He will – wait. Did he take Alex as well? My god, he did it to me again. Not the Doctor, but Harkness.”

Suddenly, the Doctor comes through the door and sees Richard Woolsey. “Uhm, yes, well I am afraid I forgot someone, this happens from time to time, Mr. Woolsey, your nephew told me he needs you with him, I apologize. Would you come with me, please?”

“He’s just finishing up, Doctor, he will be with you in a moment,” says Noah Bennet.

“Of course, take your time.” He walks out embarrassed, and goes into the TARDIS.

Inside, he starts talking to Jack. “You know, during this time, on my personal timeline, I am in my 10th regeneration and am still trying to tie up loose ends. I wonder, should we try to look me up?”

“Doctor, you know that crossing your own timeline is dangerous,” says Jack.

“Only in the current regeneration, but, I am able to interact with myself in a former regeneration. I’ve done it loads of times. And frankly, I have dealt with myself in this regeneration more than once, and it did not end the universe – well…not exactly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Spoilers”, a new voice says – a very female one at that. As she walks out from a room on the TARDIS, both the Doctor and Jack look on with recognition, but Jack beat the Doctor to the punch in introductions.

“Well as I live and breathe, River Song, how are you?”

“Well, as far as can be, Jack. I’m a Professor of Archaeology at the mo. I’m on my way to The Library, on expedition. However, I am here with a mission for the Doctor.”

“River, this is not a good time.”

“Dearest, there is never a good time. You know that. Oh, and by the way, I have been paroled and am no longer under the graces of Stormcage or the justice system. Thanks my love. I will see you again, but this time may be our last.”

“You are most welcome. Don’t bet on it, River. I will see you again and it won’t cross our timelines any longer. That is if you want it.”

“You know me well, but not at the expense of the Universe.”

“No risk of that, my dear. Well I have people to drop off, so what is this mission you spoke of?”

“It involves the Iconnu, my love.”

“Well, no rest for the weary. Everyone, we need to get going. All right, Zach and West, first. I will take you back to your homes immediately.” With a bunch of madness at the controls of the TARDIS, they found themselves back at Zach’s apartment.

“Thank you, Jack, for letting me see Claire again, I am glad I could help.”

“You’re welcome, and thank you. Keep making those movies, and you will be famous, I guarantee it.”


“Just take my word for it.”

With a wave and a goodbye, Jack went back into the TARDIS and it disappeared.
Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor was moving about with his usual madness and hyperactivity.

“Now, West, I am going to take you to your dorm, the TARDIS can fit in the room, no problem.”

The TARDIS materializes in his room. It was untouched except for the wind.

“Thanks, for taking me home, I guess.”

Jack walks up to him and pats him on the shoulder. “West, you did a wonderful thing. And keep working on the comics and monster makeup stuff. Get a hold of Alex and Zach and you could make millions in fine quality movies.”

“I need to complete school first, Captain. But I will do my best. Who knows maybe I could be the new James Wan. I watched his documentary about the Jigsaw Killer.”

Jack looks a bit sick at that proposal, “Well maybe you can. I hope for the best for you. Have a good life, and listen to the Doctor, ok? Your uncle will also be a very useful asset for you when you need him.”

“Thanks Doctor, for the ride, thank you, Captain Harkness.”

“Just call me Jack.”

“Ok, Jack. Goodbye everyone thanks for letting me help out with Claire.”

The situation with Alex and Richard Woolsey was a bit more involved.

“Richard, I am sorry about our past. I was a younger man than I am now.”

“Just how old are you?”

“I am in your reckoning about 2012 years old. At that time, I was only about 100 or so.”

“You look the same.”

“I can’t die. Not yet.”

“Well I do not understand what I was to you.”

“A ship passing in the night, but I am sorry if I hurt you. You have a great nephew. Alex. I want you to know that the work you are doing, the Green Screen and Blue Screen tech will really pay off for you. You keep at it, and you will work wonders.”

“Sorry to cut the goodbyes short, but I have some important business to attend to. Jack, back to Zog I take it?”

“River, is it okay if I stay and help out with the Doctor?”

“Just be back by next July and you will be okay. Doctor, I am able to accompany you on this if I am invited.”

“I wouldn’t dream of you not being involved with this one, River Song.”

“Well then allow me – Geronimo!!” She yells, as the TARDIS speeds to its next destination.

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