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Re: is "Into Darkness" Quinto's last as Spock?

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Either way, if S/U are staying together, I'd prefer that the actors at least seem optimistic that people might like these films, instead of the subtle hints and clues that the film is bad and making it was an unpleasant process.
Everything I've read has been so subtle as to be invisible to my eyes. Have I missed anything real?
Fans often try to read too much into this stuff, especially where top-secret, high-profile, genre flicks are concerned.

"I saw so-and-so at a Starbucks yesterday and she had on green eye shadow. Ohmigod, she's playing an Orion!"

Within hours, the "news" that So-and-So is playing an Orion slave girl is all over the internet and will be treated as an article of faith for the next six months, and even listed on IMDB--until the next silly rumor comes around.

Meanwhile, Chris Pine keeps raving about how great Cumberbatch is and whatever, but apparently we're supposed to ignore that and read between the lines for bad news instead . . . .

'Cause predicting that upcoming movies are going to suck, often on the basis of little or no information, is apparently what the internet was invented for!

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