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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Also notice on the wall behind the Tok'ra's throne (and above him in that picture) a bat'leth is hanging.

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"Sometime after Young left again, the real Telford paid her a visit, but it is unknown what Telford's intentions were. (SGU: "Earth") A few months later, she asked for a divorce from Colonel Everett Young. (SGU: "Trial and Error") "

"When Young came back for another visit, Emily was more sympathetic with his situation and even had sexual intercourse with him while he was in Col. Telford's body. It is strongly implied that she is having an affair with Telford - as himself, not containing her husband's consciousness - herself."

I thought it was pretty obvious.
Honestly, there never was any clear indication that anything was going on between Telford and Young's wife. And even if there was, Telford was under Lucian Alliance brainwashing at the time.

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She's also been in Andromeda, Smallville, Sliders, Seven Days, Harsh Realm, First Wave, Freedom, The Net, Andromeda, Flash Gordon, "V", Fringe, and a TV movie about making Mork & Mindy.

I wonder if she's into science fiction?
Although possible, I'd say it's more likely that since she's an actress working in Vancouver sheend up on a lot of sci-fi shows because so many film in Vancouver.
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