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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Saw this in the worst theater in the local multiplex, dimmest picture and worst sound and completely level floor. I couldn't tell what happened on the train. The most interesting thing was the sudden appearance of a length of loose chain. If it was Bond who was supposed to have been shot and fallen off the train into the river, he was killed. I suppose this makes the new Bond series a paranormal romance? Ghost Bond in his own little dream world?

Javier Bardem's plan to be captured makes as much sense as Loki's plan to be captured in The Avengers. Bardem's ability to hack their system meant that he could have kidnapped Judi Dench instead of blowing up the headquarters, rendering the largest part of the action pointless.

Also, all those shenanigans over the urge to kill one woman? How do you recruit dozens of men to die for one man's hobby? None of this is about things that really matter. It was especially difficult to believe that today's intelligence services really have their own officers infiltrating anything. They just entrap overexcited by gullible young men.

Bardem's sexual menaces to Craig were deftly countered with the question about the first time. The whole gay issue is just a joke. Torture scenes that are jokes are very Joss Whedon Quimself. I suppose this is good if you admire Quimself, I don't. Ben Whishaw may pose a real gay issue but that's kind of reaching for offense I think.

I wasn't excited about going back to the 60's with Moneypenny and male M, so the denouement was at best bemusing.

I went with family members for the holiday. Happily a couple were much more satisfied, but I was pretty bored. The most interesting thing in the movie was the remarkable empty subway train. The action sequences were smoothly done, but they didn't matter, any more than Bond matters. C-
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