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Re: Why can't Latinum be replicated?

Pavonis wrote: View Post
Well, how many people in the 24th century have jobs?
Might be easier to figure how many people don't have jobs. I mean how many people did we see without one?

I can only think of a few. And they were usually someones child or spouse. Picard's not-son Jason Vigo was a adult and "between jobs." There had to be more, but most people we saw (when the matter was mentioned) did seem to have an occupation.

Saturn0660 wrote: View Post
And i would say the their "pay" is in replicator credits. Most likely for Lux goods. Tradable of course for transporter credits.
It might make more sense for their compensation to be in "general" credits. Acceptable tender for replicator use, transporter fees, restaurant bills, buying a retirement boat, and the occasional bolt of cloth in a foreign port.

Deks wrote: View Post
Or maybe... you know, it could be simple robotic/computer automation of, practically everything.
One of the problems with that is robots are almost unknown in the 24th century federation, the ones we do see are oddities. Even mining robots, which would seem a natural use for them, are seen only once and regarded by the Enterprise crew as unusual.

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