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One of the most harmful long-term effects of bullying, in my experience, is that it causes you to lay down thinking patterns that lead you to accept helplessness and apathy. In my case, I soon realized that there was nothing I could do to stop the other children mocking me and holding me up as an object of fun. When they harrassed me, all my options led to the same result. If I ignored them, I was hilarious and so mocked further. If I answered them politely, I was hilarious and so mocked further. If I answered them angrily, I was hilarious and so mocked further. If I danced around and clucked like a chicken...well, that would be no more hilarious and mock-worthy than anything else I did.
Exactly my (admittedly limited) experience. I used to have mild versions of this, just continuing for a long while, usually by individuals and their 'lackeys' who seemed to be ok on their own but completely changed when in a group. The main problem I found was it never got bad enough that I felt that I could take action, but it was bad enough to aggitate me and I still think I've got a lot of surpressed anger (not just from this, but it's certainly a factor).

I did however, tear one apart publicly on facebook a few years back when he commented on one of my posts there and I just snapped. He was pretty damn stupid. It felt really good, mostly because I find it so much easier to communicate by text than by speech. My peer group actually backed me up. It stopped after that and I haven't had any more experiences of (successful) bullying since. It probably wasn't such as good way to handle it though, and I should've really been more assertive in real life but unfortunately although I've gotten much better, I still struggle with that.
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