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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

Wow...did I stumble late upon the thread that got caught up off the ground in a twister...

I think the points are clear if you are standing on the ground. The intention is so that people involved in producing Trek can connect and share. That should include film, animation, audio...all of it. (I know for a fact P2 has benefited from many people working in various media. Even fanfiction writer's and cosplay folks!)

If the people/productions have nothing positive to share, but only negative, why include them? In fact, warnings might be helpful to share in these cases. There is one person out there who never paid me for my work, and yet continued to use it after two C&Ds were issued. There's a production studio that stopped payment on the check for rental equipment. This isn't gossip and it's not exclusion: it would have been helpful for P2 to know about the stop payment BEFORE trying to rent equipment and getting blasted with "You fanfilm people are....."

So it's absolutely valid to open the group to PEOPLE that want/need to share such things. I don't think ANY "group" can be classified by one person in that group. Heck, the people are changing all the time!
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