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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I agree with flemm - I really love Far Beyond The Stars. 50s racism may seem a bit out of date on a 90s show, but DS9 was using their black lead to their full advantage here, and it was well played.

One Little Ship is another random fluff episode, though they seem to try and give it a bit more gravitas by having conflict between Alpha and Gamma Jem'Hadar. I liked the concept of that, but it was dropped quicker than a hot potato. In that regard, they were simply the wrong enemy in the episode.

On its own, I enjoy it enough to be three stars; cheesy fun doesn't even start to describe it. But I guess that with it being yet another fluff episode, and also that the Jem'Hadar issue just disappears, I'd say two and a half is probably right.
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