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How about we keep it simple and just do what people have done to bullies for years, pop them in the jaw. (I say this from personal experience.)

I hate this mamby pamby PC crap.
Yeah, let's rule out the civilized approach. We should probably arm the kids. An armed society is a polite society.

There were certainly bullies around when I was a kid, and bullies love skinny, four-eyed intellectuals. I dealt with them with a combination of sarcasm, yawning and obliviousness. Also, I had some friends, or at least allies, among the jocks and thugs. For one thing, my sarcasm frequently got me in trouble with teachers, which gave me street cred. For another, I was a compulsive helper, so I would do favors for people no matter who they were or what they had done. I remember one time some guy was harassing me at my locker and a long-haired knuckle-dragger came along and smacked him in the back of the head and told him to leave me alone. I had done the guy a favor one time, though I didn't, and still don't, remember what it was.

But, while coping skills should definitely be taught to kids, because life is going to be throwing hardballs at them no matter what, bullying, and other aggressive, insensitive behavior, is a social problem that needs to be cured. Social norms have to change. Ultimately, the only cure for bullying is civilization.

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I love how everyone's so supportive of each other in this thread. Group hug, anyone?
There you go. That's the answer.

As for those of you who consider yourselves ugly, it is really possible to love and appreciate yourself whether you match current standards of beauty or not. I'm certainly no handsome devil (except for my mesmerizing blue eyes ), but I think of myself as one of those really cool character actors from old movies or TV shows-- they weren't professional model material, but they were quirky and distinctive and likeable and admirable in their individuality. So you just have to learn to think of yourself as a classic character actor in the movie of life.
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