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Re: NCC-2541 is canonical

Timo, why the negativity? I can see 2541 on the nacelles. You can't, that's fine. Then you tell me that you don't believe in NCC-2541. Here is a shot of the model with the registry.

What I see is within the realm of possibility. I am not seeing anything outside this realm.

I don't think that anyone expected in 1987 or 1988 that we would now have the resolution that we have now.

I wouldn't write an article on a supposed ship with a registry of NCC-2541 on Memory Alpha. There are people who are on that site that need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. However, it is recognized that ILM did change the decals on the Excelsior-class model for its appearance in "Encounter at Farpoint". The registry prefix and the numbers on the nacelles don't match those used for the Excelsior.

As for the under saucer registry, I am inclined to believe that the registry was changed there as well. What leads me to believe this - the registry prefix NCC. Before the pilot, it was NX. The Excelsior didn't receive its NCC until the sixth movie.

Upon reflection, I think I could have written the opening post much better.
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