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Re: Which Battletech books should i read after the Blood of Kerensky?

There's a whole extremely cohesive universe of BT stories, and the fiction is still ongoing (though not in novel form IIRC).

If you liked Blood of Kerensky, you should look into the Warrior Trilogy, but it's set 25 years before BoK so no Phelan (or Kai, or Victor, or...).

If it's Phelan Kell/Ward you're interested in Stackpole's books are generally where it's at. He did most of the "big-universe" BT books up until the Twilight of the Clans. recommends Natural Selection, Bred for War, and Malicious Intent in particular, but he pops up in various other places as well. Here's a list of the novels in chronological order.

I'd also recommend Victor Milan's novels about Camacho's Caballeros, they're not the "major" books but they're a lot of fun.
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