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Aren't the manufacturers making a separate lighting kit for this beast? What are the details on that?

Sure they are ... and it's not a bad kit. But I have certain specific requirements and one is I don't want the distracting noises of moving parts when the nacelles are lit up. Additionally, I plan to customize the lighting with subtle effects behind the intercoolers, place additional running lights on the nacelles, and wirelessly allow the model to display certain effects so I can know, at a glance, that I have e-mail waiting because the windows are flashing. Or that the sump pump has failed because the nacelles are the wrong color. This will require an on-board computer that can be programmed with these considerations in mind.

The nacelle domes are particularly important to me. Not only do I want them silent and without any moving parts, but I also wish to "enhance" the spinning fan effect with roiling plasma. My idea was to use micro projectors behind each dome, focused through fish-eye lenses to project pre-warped animations on the inner surface of the domes.

I'm running into trouble getting the parts I need. 3M, for example, doesn't appear to have actually put their smallest micro projectors into production since the original demand (to give smartphones the ability to present on a bigger screen) has been supplanted by devices with ... bigger screens -- tablets and such. A children's toy, the Eyeclops Mini Projector, came in at the perfect price two years ago ($29.95), but these days is harder to come by, more expensive, and will require some re-engineering of the display components to fit in the nacelles.
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