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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Finished "Indestructible Hulk #1" and absolutely loved it. Mark Waid is perfect for this book and Lenil Yu's art (which I don't normally like) compliments the writing. I enjoyed Jason Aaron's run but this is much better and I'm interested in seeing where this goes. It had an "Avengers" film feel to it. The banter between 616 Coulson and Maria was awesome LOL.
Agreed. A very fun read.

Also by Waid, Daredevil 20-- a book that continues to be a solid read. I can't really say much without getting spoilery, but plot twists and turns abound. The current run of Daredevil and the first issue of the new Hulk book are the extent of my exposure to Waid, but I can see him becoming a writer that I give a shot no matter what he writes.

Speaking of writers that I will give a shot no matter what, Kieron Gillen's second issue of Iron Man, like the first, was entertaining but nothing special. As a fan of his previous work, I'm willing to give his run a fair shot, but it needs to improve before too long if I'm to continue to fork over the $$$$. Gillen says in the back of the book that unlike Journey into Mystery and Uncanny X-Men, where he knew exactly how both stories were going to end before writing a single word, he has no idea where his Iron Man run will end up. Maybe the key here is to give him a chance to build up his narrative and figure out where he's going. I want this to be good.

Avengers 34, Bendis' last issue (with one more issue of New Avengers yet to come). The return of the Wasp has made me a very happy Avengers reader. Bendis leaves this book on a high note while, with a single line from Tony Stark,...

...sets up Johnathon Hickman's run in an easy and intriguing way.

OK, in this thread I've raved about Journey into Mystery, Daredevil and Avengers Academy more than any other books. I honestly think that Hawkeye is going to join that list. With the 4th issue, the first multi-parter, the book has kicked into high-gear. Very interesting twist at the end. Kate was always my favorite Young Avenger and her performance in this issue, as much as you don't even realize it until the very last page, cements her in my mind as one of the most competent heroes in the MU.
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