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Re: Any old timers still around? the corners of my mind...

Nice thread! I post here just enough times a year to keep from getting pruned. I own REFCL now, I took it over from BobbyT in 2007. I keep it open just to keep it open, really. Traffic has slowed down there and at LoNAF, but they're both still around. Most active people from your list who post at those sites also post at TK, or at least in the Mine Field forum. There's still a TK chatroom too.

TK's war with Trek faded away years ago -- TK has since invaded plenty of other boards, and collected additional new lifetime members in the bargain. But it no longer has the "wild west" atmosphere it once did. Mentalist took it over from missmanners a few years back, and although there are still trolls and trolling going on, everybody has gotten 10 years older (if not wiser) and, well, life goes on.
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