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Re: NewsCorp may buy Simon & Schuster

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So, is it wrong of me to decide not to contribute even one penny of my hard-earned money to people who hate me? It's pretty much the only leverage we have against their kind of evil, so I'm going to leverage it for all its worth.
Except for when its something you really want to read or see. Seems a bit hypocritical.
Yep, it is. I don't pretend to be politically or morally perfect, but at least I can try.

Look, it's about choices. I have a limited number of dollars to spend, so I have to choose where to spend them. So, I make an attempt to reward corporations that I think are good citizens, and avoid rewarding corporations that are bad citizens. ExxonMobil is one example of a company I avoid patronizing; even while I recognize that some of the gasoline I buy from Citgo or Sinclair may have been refined at an EM refinery or moved on an EM tanker. So, I do what I can do and call it good -- I don't buy gas from EM-branded gas stations (even though I know that they're probably owned by some small company that licenses the name.)

It's an imperfect world, as Christopher so aptly points out above, where big corporations are so intertwined and interrelated it's impossible to avoid doing business with any particular egregious corporate citizen.

But what alternative do I have? I simply can't force myself to walk into a Chik-Fil-A without losing all self-respect, so I go around the corner to KFC when I have a hankering for greasy chicken.

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