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Re: Star Trek on VHS

They were in 10 episode lots (in production order) until the final set, which was the final 18.

The first lot was episodes 2-11, then 12-21, 22-31, 32-41, 42-51, 52-61 and 62-79

Episode 1, the reconstructed version of The Cage (with B&W clips substituting for missing and presumed lost forever color footage) came out in 10/86. It was barely out the door when the missing color footage turned up, thus the "restored" version, tagged Episode 80, came out in 1988, I believe (my records don't include the release date for that, but it premiered on TV in October 1988, as part of a 2-hour special designed to fill up some broadcast slots during the 1988 writer's strike that delayed and abbreviated TNG's second season.)

The original list price for the single-episode videotapes was $14.95 (except for the double-length The Menagerie, and the reconstructed The Cage, which were $29.95.) The price was reduced to $12.95 with the release of the final 18 episodes. Compare those per-season prices to what we now pay for complete seasons in remastered HD glory on Bluray. Yeah, we're getting a lot better deal these days...

TAS was released on 11 tapes with 2 episodes each, also at $12.95. Interestingly, the episodes were numbered 1-11 and 13-23. What ever happened to episode 12?

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