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Re: Kelsey Grammer's 'Boss' canceled by Starz

I loved the first season, and while I stayed with the show until this past season's finale, I'll be the first to admit the second season was a little lackluster. It started off strong, and the penultimate episode was stellar, but it just didn't have the narrative impact and fluidity of the first season.

Which kinda sucks because the pilot was so strong, and it had a really great premise. I feel like they were sort of stretching things out a little too thin, and I think it reached melodramatic heights about mid-way through the second season. They were at a place, especially in the last episode, where things could have gotten interesting again, but they blew it and things went back to the status quo.

I remember reading a review of the second season, and I can't remember where, but it basically described Boss as Shakespearean in nature, and not in the good way. Dramatic things happen, but the characters and the general gist of what's going on ultimately stays the same. In the second season finale, that's honestly what it felt like. The producers and writers just weren't taking the necessary risks to make the show interesting anymore, and it felt stagnate.

Which is a shame because the show had a lot of potential. I was really looking forward to Tom Kane's fall from grace, and I think that was the big selling point of the show: his inevitable "demise", so to speak. So to get robbed of that is especially heart-breaking, as a fan of the show. I hope we get a two-hour movie, but I doubt that'll be enough to tie up the many loose plot threads the second season created. Plus, I always expected Kane's downfall to be slow, gradual, and painstaking, and not something that could happen over the two-hour span of a telemovie, but then again, if that pans out maybe they can do the show justice on some level. I would rather get some kind of conclusion rather than no conclusion at all.

Generally speaking, though, this is why I hardly invest time in TV shows anymore. Most of the time, right when you get invested in a show, something like this happens. It's kinda unfortunate.
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