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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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Well, that's a bit silly, IMHO. Use of the possessive pronoun doesn't necessarily indicate ownership; it can also signify endearment.
It's not the possessive pronoun in itself. Things like "my girlfriend" or "his husband" I don't have the same reaction to, as the possessiveness refers more to the relationship. If I say "my boss is a dick because..." no one thinks I'm implying that I own said boss. It's specifically the [possessive pronoun] [gender] thing that makes me cringe.

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"His woman," "her man," and any other version of this. Being in a romantic relationship does not mean ownership of another person and I refuse to acknowledge that it does, even if the people involved don't mind, or even like, being owned. I cringe every time I hear it.
What if it's a BDSM thing?.
That's different, usually. If consenting adults want to pretend that they own each other, that's not my concern. If it's an all the time thing and not just a bedroom thing, it would probably get on my nerves. If it was someone I was dating, and she had a dom/sub thing going on with someone else, and this person punished her by forbidding her to spend time with me, then we would have a problem.
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