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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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The overall premise just comes off as lazy.
Sure, that's why it took somebody sixty years to think of it.
Oh, right. I forgot. I'm supposed think an idea is brilliant just because everybody else does. Thanks for reminding me.
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I guess I can see how the Rainbow Corps could look narratively lazy, although it it also heavily allegorical: all those emotions fighting through avatars. What I think makes it work is that it speaks to historical process: a new weapon always gets either countered or copied. I don't see why the Green Lantern ring would be an exception.
The exception is the rings were originally not powered by emotion but by a short list of very powerful people: The Guardians, The Zamarons and the Qwardians, which means copies that don't receive power from them should be nothing more than really chintzy jewelry. The Rainbow Lantern Coalition storyline changed all that.

It's also evidence of the GL writers running into the same problem Supes's writers did: how do you come up with an enemy challenging enough? The solution was Lantern Color War. There's nothing remotely groundbreaking about that concept.
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