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Posted by JNG:
If it were true, it'd be a sober account. If it were some unprovable surmise made up after the fact by total outsiders who disliked the outcome and/or people who had a personal involvement and corresponding agenda, then "conspiracy theory" seems rather an accurate term to me. I'd at least suggest that a Trek Tech FAQ not come down on one side or the other, and that long, bitter discussion of the business not be directly encouraged save for those who have new information, should any ever come to light.
OK, my point is that I read it somewhere ages ago, and it sounded to me like a straightforward recounting. I could see why he'd have made the rule, even though I didn't agree with it, and the writer didn't seem to have an axe to grind. So as far as i knew it was just a simple fact.

Your post is the first time I ever heard anything contrary, and I was suprised to hear your claim.

I wouldn't mind hearing the background on it, but as far as a Trek tech fAQ, I'd say the best way to handle it would be to mention that GR said it, but that it's no longer observed on-screen, and that each designer should decide for themselves whether to use it. I seriously doubt that the kind of people who make the "uber-kewl super-ultra-battleship Solar Devastator NCC-666" would be deterred by that rule anyway.
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