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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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Then there's the way they've treated Mr. McIntee, it just seems kind of rude to me to make all of these new decisions about his book without informing him, or seeking some kind of input from him.
The thing is, that's not really unusual. What we do is work-for-hire. We don't own anything we create; CBS and Pocket do. So there's no obligation to consult any given author before doing any given thing with their ideas. I've never been consulted when an editor wanted to make a change with one of my characters or ideas, though a few authors have chosen to consult me for the sake of continuity or clarification. Once I turn in the manuscript, it belongs to them to do with as they like, and they can unilaterally make whatever changes they want, contradict it in a later book, cancel it altogether, make little paper hats out of it, you name it. (Okay, it's not actually printed on paper these days, but that takes all the fun out of hyperbole.) So it's not rude or unusual to do things without informing us or seeking our input. It's just the nature of the contractual relationship we all entered into. They're under no obligation to do either.
Indeedy - the thread seems to have gone in strange directions
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