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Re: Sony's credit rating cut to "junk"...Implications for Spider-Man?

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So rather than any films what about the PS4? After all the PS3 is what the third most popular of the 360/PS3/Wii generation consoles. The PS2 was number one If I recall correctly.
Saying your third most popular of the current generation consoles is just a nice way of saying your dead last!
But Sony have to answer why they are last, true the 460 had a years head start, but the Wii didn't have that and still came out on top (no doubt because it was the cheaper of the 3).

What did Microsoft get right with the 360, first to market, exclusive titles, Xbox Live etc...

After all at this stage I suspect both Microsft and Sony have spend signfignat sums of money on their next gen consoles.
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