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Re: The Most Annoying Scene EVER Award Goes To...

^That is a great scene.

JANEWAY: Computer, display Fair Haven character Michael Sullivan. Adjust his parameters to the following specifications. Give him the education of a nineteenth century third year student at Trinity College.
COMPUTER: Modification complete.
JANEWAY: Now, access the character's interactive subroutines. Make him more provocative.
COMPUTER: Specify.
JANEWAY: Give him a more complicated personality.
COMPUTER: Specify.
JANEWAY: More outspoken, more confident, not so reserved, and make him more curious about the world around him.
COMPUTER: Modification complete.
JANEWAY: Good. Now, increase the character's height by three centimetres. Remove the facial hair. No, no, I don't like that. Put some back. About two days' growth. Better. Oh, one more thing. Access his interpersonal subroutines, familial characters. Delete the wife.


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