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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

OK, you're certainly under a number of misconceptions, so I shall address them.

1.) Look at the picture posted by NewHorizon. Look at it for a while. And then tell, with all seriousness and objectivity that S2 is not a considerable downgrade.
It is NOT a considerable downgrade. Season 2 is, of course, different in style to Season 1. CBS Digital went above and beyond the original mission statement for this project, adding in a whole lot of extra love and polish. HTV's marching orders were recreating the show in HD. They did that. It is NOT a downgrade.

2.) In the comments on your site, many posters have expressed the same concern (of course, topic is S2, isn't it?) but only a few have been really abusive as far as I can tell. On the other hand you have nothing but kept praising S2, almost as if you were part of CBS marketing (pls take no offense). Sudden closure (instead of moderation) looks suspicious to say the least
"Nothing but praise"? I've remained honest about my own personal feelings on the set from the outset. When I've felt it was deserved, I've offered praise. The same for criticism (just read the article and my comments about Drema IV...)

Closure vs. Moderation is something I weighed up - the fact is I don't have time to moderate, it's hard enough rolling out all this content for everyone to enjoy, I don't have time to moderate asinine posts like the ones we were getting. The thread started out fresh and objective but in recent days has been plagued by the same commenters posting over and over again "HTV are crap" "I'm not buying this". There is nowhere to go with it after it gets to that stage.

2.1) Either you have seen much more so far and just by a very curious chance all the good stuff remains hidden while PROMO shots (designed to look great and get audience hooked) are significantly sub-par when compared tom S1, or I have lost my mind, when I don't see the material to be anywhere near S1 quality
I'm reviewing the set right this moment, so I certainly have seen much more! And again, that allows me to give you a far more objective opinion about the quality than folks who are judging everything from a handful of stills!

3.) The live action shots look great. The issue is clearly with VFX, and that is an objective statement, not overreaction.
I'm fine with critiquing VFX shots if you can substantiate your criticism. "Crap", "Rubbish", "Terrible" are NOT useful objective statements. They ARE overreactions.

Nobody is attacking you (personally), and as I wrote, I would even understand why you would be ordered to close comments and why you would comply. Otherwise I love your site and it's always fresh updates, sometimes the tax for pre-release material is political corectness with providers.
Again - total misconception! There is no compliance at all... TrekCore is a privately owned site, reporting on this wonderful project. CBS would never "order" me to close comments - they LOVE hearing peoples' comments.

And there is NO political correctness with "providers". I state how I find - if I like something, I say. I'm a fan - like the rest of you!
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