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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Of course, if you don't like the stills and want to judge the whole season based on your reaction to these stills, that's totally your decision. I can tell you without hesitation, you'll be missing out!
What will I be missing out on? Are they feeding us fake screenshots in some bizarre reverse psychology marketing bid?

If you're referring to the VAM, that's all well and good but I personally wanted to buy these sets on bluray because I don't own TNG on VHS or DVD...except for two episodes and Season 3. When I saw the screen shots of Season 1 and how beautifully balanced CBS-D's approach was this time out, I was sold. So when I see HTV coming along, ignoring the style established by CBS in Season 1,'s rather heartbreaking for me. This is the version of TNG that will be around for many years. Who knows if anyone will go to this length to update the series again.

Sorry, but like I said...the screen shots sold me on Season 1. If the effects are somehow miraculously at CBS-D level by watching on a blu-ray player, then there is no point to the screen caps at all.
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