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Re: Is it weird that The Royale is one of my favourite episodes?

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Any other opinions of this episode?
It's one of my favorite episodes from the season! Granted, as filmed, it's quite campy, but Tracy Tormé's original story had much more depth to it. For years I've been trying to get my hands on his original script/treatment. Apparently it was written with a much more serious tone. In this version the astronaut isn't dead, but has been kept alive by the aliens for decades, forced to live inside the Hotel Royale world.

But even the episode as-is has some qualities to it. The whole setting is quite eerie with a lot of atmosphere. And I love the way they try to outsmart the pulp story and get out of the hotel. Also, some funny scenes with Data and the Texan. I'm looking forward to this episode in HD!

If anyone knows about a way to contact Tormé and ask about his original story, please let me know. I'd love to hear about the original story at the heart of this.
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