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Re: Jennifer Lien Was Arrested in July???

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Is nutrition recession proof?

Even if it isn't she still gets residuals for being Kes every week.


She does one convention and she buy a healthfood shop without a mortgage.
I think it's incorrect to assume that the amount of money given from residuals and doing cons. is enough pay all the bills, support a family or even be enough to invest in a business, especially without knowing the exact amount she gets paid or how much her bills are.
She doesn't do cons (any more) and I get this impression from this entire event that she's not living large at all. I'm not saying that she's from the cast of hillbilly handfishing, but Jennifer is living as if she is a real person (opposed to an unreal celebrity), then her family (mother and father work) probably lives comfortably on less than a thousand dollars a week, so that when ever the residual check shows up, if it's once a month or once a year, it probably makes an impact on her household even if it's only a couple hundred dollars.

Then of course if she's a loving, thoughtful mother, all that star trek money is probably going straight into her kids college fund.
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