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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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What a game from Kaepernick, but Aldon Smith is a stud. Hell, both Smith's brought it tonight and it was a thing of beauty. Great win for the 49ers, and I do think after last week's "effort" they were pissed and took it out tonight on MNF. I did not see this coming but it was fun to watch.
Did ANYBODY see this coming from Kaepernick?
I would imagine anyone who saw the 2010 Boise State/Nevada game sure did. Boise State hasn't been the same since.
While that was impressive, this was the Chicago Bears he took apart. So I still wonder. Still, I hope he can keep this going for his sake at least

ETA: Matt Stafford and Andre Johnson are having career days today! . Okay Johnson hasn't caught as many yards as I first thought, but still... 165+ is impressive
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