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Alright, since Forbin's such a tease, I couldn't resist doing a partial throw-together. I can confirm his report; it's amazing how well this thing holds together with nothing more than a few pieces of masking tape. Round 2 definitely learned from years of AMT trial and error.

Here's a shot of the ship resting in my office chair. Don't mind the little Johnny Lightning Enterprise ... he's an unrepentant photo-bomber!

Watch the gaps! Here's a slightly more Trekkish view of the model. As you can see, I'm holding this together with just five pieces of tape; one on the secondary hull, and two on each nacelle.

I've begun working out lighting plans. I intend to use an Arduino to control all lighting effects. I'd hoped to use a couple of Pico projectors to project CGI animation effects onto the interior of the nacelle domes, but I'm getting discouraged by the tight fit and the availability of parts for the projector.
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