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Re: Why were the bolians never developed?

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... in "Allegiance" indicated that Bolians pursued an independent foreign policy, wrt the Moropa.
But we've seen examples that the Vulcans do the same thing, have a independent foreign policy, and have their own embassies with foreign powers.

Or that the Bolians would be UFP members of any sort, least of all founders.
Never spelled out, but there are indications that the Bolians are members at some level. As far as being "Founders" of the Federation, I've never seen that.

The Moropa did not appear to be UFP members any more than the Bolians did.
There no sign that the Moropa are Federation members. The Bolians could have had a conflict, even a war, with the Moropa and made the decision not to bring in the Federation. Today, nations do fight wars, and not ask their alliances for help, even when they can.

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