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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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looks like TrekCore has closed comments section to the article about screencaps.
If I should be paranoid I would say TPTB have now learned about all the fuzz and are trying to hide it (hence Okuda's comment).

I understand TrekCore needs to be pretty compliant to be able to keep getting the promo / review material in advance.

Ferengis in CBS found their way, to produce less for more, even in this highly enthusiastic project. What a pitty.

EDIT: OMG that picture about my post tells it ALL.
OK, I'm about sick of the paranoia and reactionary comments. These are just ridiculous things to say, Jaro Stun.

I closed comments for that particular article because it turned into the SAME 3 or 4 posters repeating the same reactionary things over and over again. I have never had to moderate or close comments before, but this is just ridiculous.

How many people have seen the Season 2 blu-rays out of those commenting? NONE. So I'm not prepared to put up with people just posting absurd and asinine sweeping generalizations such as "awful", "terrible", "ruined" and "crap".

I am not censoring criticism, and never shall do - but ridiculous groundless generalizations such as the ones that have been posted are baseless and have no place at TrekCore.
No it is not ridiculous to say those things.

1.) Look at the picture posted by NewHorizon. Look at it for a while. And then tell, with all seriousness and objectivity that S2 is not a considerable downgrade compared to S1 TNG-R work.

2.) In the comments on your site, many posters have expressed the same concern (of course, topic is S2, isn't it?) but only a few have been really abusive as far as I can tell. On the other hand you have nothing but kept praising S2, almost as if you were part of CBS marketing (pls take no offense). Sudden closure (instead of moderation) looks suspicious to say the least

2.1) Either you have seen much more so far and just by a very curious chance all the good stuff remains hidden while PROMO shots (designed to look great and get audience hooked) are significantly sub-par when compared tom S1, or I have lost my mind, when I don't see the material to be anywhere near S1 quality.

I have tested this on a person that a)has no interest in Star Trek at all, b) has never seen S1 before, c)has no interest in VFX or graphics in movies - so there is no bias and believe me, the person saw it immediately and reaction was similar to some posts on your site

3.) The live action shots look great. The issue is clearly with VFX, and that is an objective statement, not overreaction.

4.) The set may be loaded up to its ears with VAM (extras, gag reels whatever). I'm not buying it for those. I'm buying it for TNG episodes, and by default for the remastered VFX work (kindof goes with the assumption of getting the remastered product). VAM is nice icing on the cake, but not the cake itself. If the cake is tasting sour, icing will not fix that.

5.) Don't get me wrong. Trek is important part of my life and I'm TRULY very disappointed by S2, to the point I may cancel the pre-order. It's still a TV show though, there are far more important things going on

I really, honestly wish for two things now:
A: Season 3 is back to the standard S1 was and this is really HTV hiccup and not change of heart on side of CBS in terms of quality / cost / ROI

B: Seasons 4 & 6 will get better quality control, or supervision from CBS-D, and as a result will be consistent with CBS-D work

Feel free to disagree, that's the great thing about internet and freedom of speech.
Nobody is attacking you (personally), and as I wrote, I would even understand why you would be ordered to close comments and why you would comply. Otherwise I love your site and it's always fresh updates, sometimes the tax for pre-release material is political corectness with providers.
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