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Re: NewsCorp may buy Simon & Schuster

^Well, Simon & Schuster has published many books by right-wing authors such as Glenn Beck over the years. So it's not as if Star Trek books have never been corporately linked to anything right-wing before. I think any large corporation is going to encompass a wide range of viewpoints in its products -- because, let's face it, the bottom line is always going to be how much money they can make from it, regardless of where it falls on the political spectrum. NewsCorp may own FOX "News," but it also owns the FOX Network, whose shows like The Simpsons and Married... With Children have spent decades lampooning and undermining the very same traditional values that FOX "News" purports to defend.

I once considered whether to give up buying Kraft cheese products when I learned that Kraft was owned by Philip Morris, the tobacco company. But I ultimately decided not to. Corporations are just too interlinked today; with so few megacorporations with their fingers in so many pies, there probably isn't a single one that doesn't touch our lives constantly in ways we don't even realize. Money, physical and otherwise, flows through all sectors of the economy -- that's what it's for. The idea that we can somehow avoid doing any kind of business that connects to someone or something we don't care for is probably a fantasy.
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