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Re: Federation: First 150 Years - David Goodman Interview

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I was curious about this myself. Since this is covering similar ground are you going to use any of this as reference? One of the things that i've liked about your books thus far is that they've managed to weave in interesting details from a broad ranger of Trek sources over the years including other novels.
As I said, no, at least not in this book. The previews we've gotten already show that Goodman is interpreting the Romulan War differently than the prior novels did, and my book is in the same continuity as those novels. So they're distinct approaches going in. My point in my previous post is that there's nothing wrong with that. Continuity among tie-ins is nice, but I think fans today have lost sight of how worthwhile it can also be to have multiple different versions of a given event. As I said, that way, fans who aren't crazy about one version might enjoy another one better. My version is meant to fit into the ongoing novelverse, while Goodman's is meant to stand on its own and be accessible to those who've only seen the shows and films.

Also, the timing simply hasn't worked out. I haven't had the opportunity to read Goodman's book yet (it's from a different publisher, remember), and I'm two and a half weeks from my deadline.
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