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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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^ ^ You're over-thinking this.

Yeah, I'm sorry to hear that apparently the differences in continuity between IFM and the other novels are apparently enough that new books are not making an effort to stay consistent or justify inconsistencies, but I also think we the fans don't have to worry about that editorial directive. There's really nothing stopping us from saying, "As far as I'm concerned, it happened, or at least the gist of it happened."
True - I suppose I'm currently at 'it didn't work out with Leah, Nog was on temporary secondment, Scotty pulled off one of his miracles (unless he doesn't turn up again), Reg is probably back in the Voyager fleet and Guinan - who knows'. However, this could all change depending on future novels.

Surely S & S could have done that though...
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