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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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Scratch that. I did hear about it. The actress from Another Earth wrote and stars in it.
I saw it earlier this year. It's a superior movie than Another Earth, both in terms of the script and its direction.

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I haven't seen people criticizing Casino Royale in relation to this movie (apart from the people who didn't like it to begin with).
A bit of an overreaction on my part. I was responding to a number of reviews that suggested Craig's Bond finally "came of age" in the new movie, which I read as suggesting that the previous two films were somehow immature.

181. One Eyed Jacks (C-)
182. The Man Nobody Knew (B)
183. Aliens (A)
184. Bernie (B+)
185. Inheritance (C+)

One Eyed Jacks: Marlon Brando's directorial debut is also his final film as a director, and it's not hard to see why. Apparently, Brando would water hours for the perfect wave to appear in the background, one of the many decisions that set the film dramatically over schedule. On screen, these shots didn't strike me with much impact. As a whole, the movie often moves at a snail's pace, with a story that never justifies the long running time (itself cut down significantly from what Brando wanted -- thankfully).

The studio made one mistake when they took the film away from Brando. though -- they changed the ending. In the original, the film is a tragedy hurtling towards the deaths of all three principals. In the released version, the film hurtles towards an ending where...the bad guy is killed and the film's couple gets away. The dramatic momentum goes nowhere.

The film gets by based on the performances of its two leads -- especially Karl Malden, although Brandon capably directs himself. (Brando can't help but let his weight fluctuate wildly, though, which ruins continuity from scene to scene).

The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby: A well-made and fascinating documentary about the former CIA director, narrated by Colby's son. The ending, which suggests Colby committed suicide, has been criticized by some, but the film doesn't ever suggest it is objective -- it is the son's point of view -- so I'm not bothered by that. Having said that, I think the movie lets Colby off the hook over his policies in Vietnam a little too easily, but it never devolves into hagiography.

Aliens: The difference between the special edition, which I watched here, and the theatrical cut, which I saw earlier this year, is the difference between a good movie and one of the best sequels ever made. It's frightening, exciting, and is able to demonstrate surprising emotional complexity. This is probably where the series should have ended, though.

Bernie: This movie didn't do much business at the box office, but I think it will attract a lot more attention on home video (and on Netflix, where I saw it). The three main performances are all exceptional; Jack Black really stretches himself here and impressed me as an actor for the first time. He's successfully played variations on himself in a number of movies (High Fidelity, School of Rock), but here he plays a character with a walk, a voice, and a demeanor that is entirely like that.

Inheritance: This is holocaust documentary about the daughter of Amon Goeth meeting one of his Jewish servants from the war for the first time. The subject is fascinating, but the presentation doesn't do it justice.

Theatres: 60+1
Home Video: 112+2
Computer: 11+1
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