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Re: What changes should be made to comics?

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And yes, I happen to be one of those fanboys who give a flying fuck who draws what.
I know, which is why I don't give a damn about anything you just said. Especially since half of it ignored points I brought up in the quoted post. Particularly regarding the asshat "artistes" holding comics hostage.
No, I addressed that point by saying, "The solution is, tell the artist to 'draw faster or your fired.'" In fact, I addressed all of your points from the point of view of those who create the comics and those who have to pay them. You don't see that because you defended the notion of a house style from the point of view of the typical reader that knows jack shit about how comics are actually produced.

This is simple: if a house style doesn't increase readership then those companies that have one will abandon it and those that don't won't institute one. And if that's truly the only way to keep artistes from holding comics hostage then that's tough, because editors will keep signing the vouchers and publishers will happily develop Stockholm Syndrome as long as fanboys are still willing to plunk down three or four bucks once it hits the stands. It's the same reason that lockouts and strikes in professional sports are meaningless. There will always be fans stupid enough to pay ticket prices to see games live.

Crusade for a house style all you like. It will still be the least likely change suggested in this thread to actually be implemented because it's something in the comic industry that has already been tried and proven a failure.
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